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« dnia: 2007-04-19, 18:23:31 »
witam. mam cedege 6.0 z silniekiem 6.0 chce zainstalowac nfs:carbon ale niestety wyswiela mi sie cos takiego
Unable to find a sufficient number of fonts available to FreeType.
        FreeType will not be loaded as a result.
FreeType could not be loaded.
        This is not necessarily a fatal error, however some
        applications require FreeType to be installed and
        may not function or display text correctly otherwise.
        Please consult the Cedega Font FAQ for more details
        about this problem
wine: Unhandled exception, starting debugger...

dodam ze przy próbie instalacji san andreas ma taki sam blad
konfig kompa: Athlon 64 3000+ 512MB RAM 160GB CAVIAR FX5500 256MB/128Bit Aurox 12.0 prosze o pomoc