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Fluendo MP3
« dnia: 2007-03-17, 16:01:44 »
Obecnie mam zainstalowany sytem Fedora Core 5 i mam problem z zainstalowaniem plugin'u mp3 firmy Fluendo. Tak jak pisze w instalacji kopiuje plik .so /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10 a potem próbuje wykonac polecenie 'gst-inspect-0.10 flump3dec' wtedy pokazuje komunikat :
No such element or plugin 'flump3dec'
a gdy wpisze 'gst-inspect-0.10' wyswietla:
Error loading plugin file: Opening module failed
Próbowałem na wiele sposobów ale nadal nie mogę rozgryźć gdzie popełniam błąd.
Oryginalna treść pliku INSTALL.mp3.txt:

This is the installation documentation for the Fluendo MP3
plugin. MP3 is a format created by Frauenhoffer and supported on
almost all portable music players and popular music shops such as
Magnatude and emusic.

Included in this package is our MP3 decoder.

In order to test the Fluendo MP3 plugin copy the
included .so file into $HOME/.gstreamer-0.10/plugins
on your local system. If you have root access you can instead
copy it to /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10. If you use this second position
then the plugin will be available to any user logging into this

Once it is copied over verify that gstreamer recognize
their precence by doing a 'gst-inspect-0.10 flump3dec'.

Unless this command reports back 'No such element or plugin 'flump3dec'
the plugin should be sucessfully installed and you should have access
to playing back MP3 files using GStreamer
applications such as Totem Movie Player, Rhythmbox Music Player,
Banshee Music player or the Elisa Media center.

The licensing terms of this plugin can be found in the LICENSE.mp3
file that is shipped together with this file.

The Fluendo Team