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Autor Wątek: Can you offer me a proxy on your home server?  (Przeczytany 6519 razy)

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Can you offer me a proxy on your home server?
« dnia: 2011-09-06, 22:04:13 »
Hello everyone!

Sorry #1: I don't speak Polish very good, but I can read your messages with some help of google translate. I'm from Sweden and I live with my Polish girlfriend.

Sorry #2: This might not be a suitable question on this forum, but I would be really glad if someone could help me. I picked this forum as I am a GNU/Linux geek myself, and I believe we all have a lot in common.

Now to the question...

There is a site,, containing TVN streams. This is free to use from anywhere in Poland, but only from there. We would very much like to see the shows here from Sweden.

We have tried with all publicly available proxy servers google is able to find for us, but the site is blocking them all.

Is there anyone who are running a home server with a couple of Mb bandwith, who can either set up a proxy service, or give me a shell with ssh access so I can set up one for myself? We will not over-use it. Just watching some shows now and then.

Note that I am not talking about a stateful web proxy, but more like a tunnel, which can be used with Foxyproxy for instance.

We can offer something in return. A couple of zloty perhaps? Or, if you like to spend a weekend in Stockholm/Sweden, we can offer you a couch some time. :)

Best Regards,



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Can you offer me a proxy on your home server?
« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: 2011-09-07, 14:37:04 »
Johan, some time ago a similar problem was discussed on the forum. Here: ( ) sells shell accounts located in Poland at a reasonable price (it may be useful for you).


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Can you offer me a proxy on your home server?
« Odpowiedź #2 dnia: 2011-09-07, 19:59:39 »
Thank you, Ksanderon! I will try MyDevil to see if it works well.

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Can you offer me a proxy on your home server?
« Odpowiedź #3 dnia: 2011-09-07, 22:41:37 »
I have now applied for an account at MyDevil and tried the service out. Unfortunately, has blocked their IP address as well. I am afraid they have blocked all public proxy services. I cannot afford buying one account after another just to become aware of that it is blocked.

So still, I am looking for a kind GNU/Linux fella in Poland, who can lend me some bandwidth now and then. As I said, I will use it only for watching video streams from


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Can you offer me a proxy on your home server?
« Odpowiedź #4 dnia: 2011-09-13, 15:58:25 »
Hello, I will write this post in two languages, Polish and English, because it is a polish forum, and I don't want to cause additional difficulties to Johey.

We do not sell shell accounts located in Poland, as Ksanderon suggests, but as a addition to our shell accounts, we give access to a Polish Proxy.

Johey, I believe it was me who actually sent you a translated version of our wiki ( What you did instead was a normal SSH tuneling - then you are using the servers default IP, and that would be from France.

We have double-checked if our IP is banned from VOD. We have just checked it a second ago, to be sure that it actually works. It does, our IP was never banned from VOD, 'Polish Proxy' service works like a charm.


I actually checked it from Spain, where I was on holiday. It works.


Witam, napiszę tego posta w języku Angielskim i Polskim, ponieważ jest to polskie forum, lecz nie chcę sprawiać dodatkowych trudności Johey'owi.

Nie sprzedajemy kont shell zlokalizowanych w polsce, jak sugerował Ksanderon, lecz jako dodatek do kont shel oferujemy dostęp do Polskiego Serwera Proxy.

Johey, z tego co pamiętam, to ja wysłałem Ci przetłumaczoną wersję naszej wiki ( do której się nie zastosowałeś. Zamiast tego zastosowałeś zwykłe tunelowanie SSH, czyli korzystałeś z głównego IP serwera shellowego, który jest zlokalizowany we Francji.

Dokładnie sprawdziliśmy, czy nasze IP jest zbanowane na VOD. Sprawdziliśmy to chwilę temu, aby mieć pewność. Działa. Nasze IP nigdy nie było zbanowane na VOD, usługa "Polskie Proxy" działa jak marzenie.


Sprawdziłem to będąc niedawno na wakacjach w Hiszpanii. Działa.